Cups of carrot and -kontjes to stroopwafel

Published 21-09-2016

Cups of carrot and -kontjes to stroopwafel


During Dutch Design Week launches food designer Chloé Rutzerveld her new project STROOOP! The project is about exploring and clever use of the natural properties of vegetables. Such as, for example, the sweetness of tubers. To visualize this fascination has devised Chloé 100 grams of carrot or beet turn into a typical Dutch delicacy; a syrup. This vegetable syrup waffles, full vegetable, gluten and no added sugar, will be from 22 / 30th October during tasting the Dutch Design Week in Ketelhuis Square as part of the Agri Meets Design exhibition!


If input product for the tropical fruit and waffles are by-products used in the vegetable industry. Before that Chloé has partnered with Proverka. Proverka produces and delivers demand-driven freshly squeezed vegetable juices and derivatives utilizing 100% according to the motto, waste 0%. The vegetable fibers and which in many cases itself made from by-products, for example, released during schrab process for pre-packed bags of vegetables. Cups and butts so.

Besides being STROOOP! project is part of Agri Meets Design, see it also in the Talent exhibition will 'In No Particular Order' of the Netherlands in the Veemgebouw.
The project was made possible by Proverka, Steering Committee on Agricultural Innovation Brabant and the Creative Industries Fund.


About Chloé Rutzerveld


In 2014 Chloé Rutzerveld Cum Laude graduated from the Technical University Eindhoven for the Bachelor of Industrial Design, where she found a way to combine her passion for food with technology, science and design. Because of this early focus and innovative way of thinking, Chloé was during her graduation invited TNO to think about an innovative 3D printed food concept. Edible Growth, the project that came out there was the beginning of her international success.

In 2015, Chloé started her own studio as food and concept designer. If food designer she asks critical questions about new developments in the field of food production and consumption and consider them innovative ways to use science and technology to make our food healthier, more efficient and sustainable in the future. Her ideas she communicates through experimental dinners, workshops or prototypes. Early this year, Chloé Rutzerveld was in the top 50 young entrepreneurial talents of the Financial Times.

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