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Food Tech Brainport Turns Technology into Money


nnovators and SME's always pushing their borders. Food Tech Brainport is an international centre of expertise for technology, product and market innovation. We offer an environment on which to share knowledge, expertise and provides acces to networks.  


With an Office in Helmond, in the smart Brainport region, we are specialized in mild separation, mild preservation and the optimization of the value of plant waste streams. We offer facilities for application-development, test executions and even small-scale pilot productions.

In addition, the park is not only on technology. There are more disciplines needed. We also offer services for the market introduction of new products. At Food Tech Brainport there are also companies specialized in food design, innovation management, consumer research and (marketing) communication.

Of course, we work closely with a range of reputable knowledge institutions, organisations and top entrepreneurs.


“With Food Tech Brainport we provide an infrastructure that can help entrepreneurs accelerate their own success.” (Jan van Rijsingen, initiator and member of Topteam Topsector Agri&Food)

At Food Tech Brainport in Helmond, we help SMEs and larger SMEs to turn technology into money: technology used in the processing of plant waste, the extension of shelf life, and the separation of raw materials and/or waste streams. By doing so, we bring the best in food and technology (from the High Tech and Chemical industries, for instance) together.

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