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Plant-based Waste Streams

Food Tech Park Brainport as a centre for plant-based waste streams

Food Tech Park Brainport facilitates entrepreneurs who want to turn their plant-based waste streams into new products and raw materials. When the process, product and price are right, waste streams can produce economically interesting possibilities. In addition, the world needs all the food it can get. 

Bodec uses its knowledge, experience and facilities to process plant-based waste streams exclusively using mild separation technologies. Based on your specific waste stream, Bodec will work towards the optimum mild separation process; a process that should lead to a saleable product.


Hamburgers with carrots

At Food Tech Park Brainport, Bodec creates unique combinations that are not immediately obvious. For instance, a producer of fresh packaged carrots looked for new ways to deal with more than fifteen million kilos of grated carrot left over after processing. After turning this into delicious carrot juice, a fibrous pulp remained. It turned out that, when dried, the fibre was a perfect base for making hamburgers. And thus, the meat and vegetable industries found each other.


What are you currently throwing away?

In addition to carrots there are plenty more products that produce waste streams with valuable ingredients. What could you do with your waste streams? Want to explore the possibilities in open innovation with other entrepreneurs? Then contact Holland Food Camp.


“Bulk is an important precondition for utilising waste streams properly. In that case, the possibilities are endless.” (Jan van Rijsingen, initiator Food Tech Park Brainport)

At Food Tech Brainport in Helmond, we help SMEs and larger SMEs to turn technology into money: technology used in the processing of plant waste, the extension of shelf life, and the separation of raw materials and/or waste streams. By doing so, we bring the best in food and technology (from the High Tech and Chemical industries, for instance) together.

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